Why "Beyond The Norm"

What is the new normal?
It is the ever-changing media and marketing landscape your business has to compete in.
A landscape that might be daunting, but one we at Beyond The Norm fully understand.


As a company we live in the ‘new normal’

Getting your message to the world by embracing social media and all new media channels. With 35 years of experience in
traditional “old School” marketing techniques, we maintain brand consistency, maximizing market penetration and return on
investment. With more than three decades of extensive experience in TV and print advertising, and the design arena,
our services include the following:

Campaign planning, Concept & Content development, Film & TV direction, Content Video Production,
Layout & Design, Photography and Photo Retouching

Expertise beyond the norm

You Can Expect Expertise "Beyond The Norm." With a team of very talented individuals, our expertise include the following:
Brand & Product Analysis
Our experienced team will get to the core of your offering, defining the brand character, highlighting the product’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition), implimenting a solution with maximum ROI (Return On Investment).
Campaign Concepts & Ideas
Our team is well versed to develop the character of your brand through campaignable concepts, giving it long levity. Our ideas will resonate with your target market in a manner that Stops, Entertains and rewards.
Social Media
After extensive studies in this ever-changing landscape, we are in a position to recommend and implement the best channels suited for your brand and product offering. With us you get the best Return On Investment.
Content creation
Headed up by a journalist with a honours degree -currently also producing content for well-known TV channels in South Africa, be assured that you are in good hands. Not only are we able to write content for articles, but we can facilitate video content scripting.
Web Design & SEO
When it comes to digital presence SEO is the best ROI in the digital world. Our Experienced team. Will take your website to new heights in the search engines.
Television Direction & Production
Our television portfolio underscore our motto to “Stop, Entertain and Reward”, Our commercials where cost effectively produced from start to finish, without losing the concept or core communication goals.
Layout & Design
This comes as a natural to our gifted team. From Corporate Identity design and the implementation thereof, Campaign Look & Feel, Promotions, Point Of Sale elements etc. We have done it all.
Production & Print Buying
Experience is once again key. You are only as good as your knowledge of the processes, and a trustworthy support structure built up through years of experience. Price is a factor, but value for money is the key factor.

Case Studies

When it comes to great minds,
and brands, our case studies tell a great
story, read more below.

GOLDCREST is a division of Patleys,
a division of the Bidvest Group of Companies.
The client sources the very finest foods from
around the world to create new, innovative and
extraordinary fare.


GOLDCREST had an excellent distribution network, but wanted to launch the large range of GOLDCREST products as a unique brand entity. The brand had no particular recognition or heritage in the market


The brand was positioned as ‘Extraordinary’, because of the quality of the product and the enhancement it could make to an otherwise ordinary dish. Marketing was completely holistic, with a 360˚ approach to above the line, below the line, corporate and social responsibility advertising to both the consumer and trade. Cooking shows and promotions with magazine food editors produced dishes with GOLDCREST ingredients for consumers to try. Exposure for the brand in targeted trade segments include work with the South African Chefs Association and sponsorship of hotel schools competitions


Client’s brand tenfold, despite aggressive competition, a premium price strategy and a tough market. Read More...

Gree Air Conditioners
were the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturers,
yet a relatively new brand in South Africa.


Our task was to establish and position the Gree brand in the South African, Zambian, Kenyan and Tanzanian marketplaces.


The brand positioning ‘Choose Your Atmosphere’ set the brand in a category beyond traditional air-conditioning. Marketing and advertising targeted home users as well as professionals and the trade (such as architects and developers), commercial industries and also focused on increasing the installer network. This included trade involvement and novel ways of counteracting competitor rebate schemes.


Gree increased sales in air conditioning units by 88.8% in one year and subsequently became an established and sought after brand in the market.

The Team

Welcome and hallo!

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Creative Director

    Annine Dormehl

    Copy Writer

      Jonathan Siddall

      Market Analyst

        Jaco Ferreira

        SEO Specialist/Web Designer

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